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A new year and a new hairstyle (for the ladies)

But I'm not talking about for your head.

Okay ladies, this is the 21st century. Styling isn’t just for the public. It’s also for the pubic.

So how should you style the hair down there?

The truth is, style it anyway that makes you feel good. As with most things, don’t worry about what others think. Do what makes you feel good.

But what kind of styles are there, you ask?

A bunch.

You can go full on Bush – no styling, no trimming. Just leave it natural.

If you want to trim it up a bit, try the Garden. And you can think of it that way – a nice manicured garden.

You can shave a landing strip (pretty much looks exactly how you’d imagine).

Shave it all off or even get artsy.

Yep, really put your own style on that special section and give your partner a surprise. A heart is a favorite but you can shape it into anything you want. I think a cat would be kind of cool. (wink, wink).

Here’s a video of some of the most common styles for today.

And another one that’ll tell you the type of person you are by your pub style (not so sure about this, but what the heck).

However you decide to style your nether region, make sure to be careful. Trim up the hair first with some blunt edged nail clippers. When you’re ready to shave, soak in the shower or tub for about 10 minutes and clean that area well – just in case you cut yourself. You can use wax or clippers with a guard work great too.

Once again, do whatever style you like. And for a laughs check out this video of a woman reading a book about a beaver.

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