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A new year and a new hairstyle (for the men)

But I'm not talking about for your head.

Okay guys, like I told the ladies, it’s time to think about how “that” part of your body looks.

But remember, style your pubes in a way that makes you feel good. Don’t worry about what the guys on the porn sites are doing (lol).

Now, let’s dive in to manscaping styles for men.

You can go all natural. One would think that this means just letting it go wild down there but it doesn’t. To be “natural” requires you to trim those hedges a bit. If you want wild and hairy, that’s called The Mega Bush. Let it grow and roam free as God intended.

Most of the styles for men are the same as the ones for the ladies – the landing strip, the clean shaved and the triangle. All of these are pretty self-explanatory.

However, if you want to get creative you can style your pubes into different shapes.

The heart is a particular favorite for Valentine’s Day — but I wouldn’t skip the flowers and chocolate especially if you want your lady to get an up close and personal view of that part of your body.

But don’t just save those special designs for Valentine’s Day. Decorate the backdrop for your johnson every holiday. A candy cane for Christmas, a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween, a rabbit for Easter.

Why not even get a new style for President’s Day? Who doesn’t want an image of George Washington on their groin? You and your partner can watch old George’s nose grow like Pinocchio. (lol)

Seriously, one that is pretty popular with the ladies is the five-o’clock shadow. Just like the whiskers on your face, nothing says rugged and manly more than stubble. Plus, the less hair down there the larger you look.

Here’s a video that goes more into rocking the pubic styling.

Now men, once you have the front styled, don’t forget the back. You guys often have hairy butts and hairy butt cracks. This you-tuber gives some really, really good advice about taking care of the forest in the crack of your bum.

So groom up boys.

The cleaner and sexier that area is, the more us women want to go there and that makes everyone happy.

But remember — the number one rule is style in whatever fashion that makes you feel good.

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