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This was amazing, hotter than hell! I'm not sure how far I can go here without moving into x-rated territory, so let's just say I enjoyed this read in every way possible. Wow!

Amazon Customer

Sarah misses the feel of a man—his body, his touch, his taste—but she isn’t ready for a relationship. Due to her past, she may never be.

She agrees to six nights of fantasy—his and hers. Six nights of sex and then they’re done. Simple, uncomplicated and fun, but when it’s over, will she be able to walk away from Nick?

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Ellis O. Day’s books are more then just sex

“Ms. Day I just finished reading book one of the Interviewing For Her Lover: Six Nights Of Sin, and I could just cry. What a book, but I could really identify with the female lead as I lost my husband a year and a half ago. I have yet to venture out in the social ocean, so this book really lets me live vicariously. I can’t thank you enough for this story. Even if you don’t have loss in your past or present you would still enjoy this book. It is so hot, read in front of a fan or turn down the AC.”

–Cora Lee Loy

“This book is hot! Sarah hasn’t gotten over losing her husband but wants a man. La Petite Morte Club will take care of that. Nick is the man she picks to be her lover. These two are something else! Can’t wait for more!”

— Tammy Warren

“This book really captivated me. Not only was it very sexy, but I also grew curious about the two characters, Nick and Sarah. Just how does one navigate love when your true love is gone? Tough question. Ellis O.Day offers one possible answer.”

— Manya

“I absolutely loved this book. I loved it so much I purchased the entire set. I just hope my husband understands he won’t see me until I’ve read them all.”

— Kindle Customer

Free! Grab it now and start the Six Nights of Sin Series
Available on all ebook retailers