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The Dom’s Birthday Weekend

Three stories. One hot weekend!

His Lesson:
It’s Terry’s birthday and Maggie’s got a surprise for him. One full weekend at La Petite Mort Club. Together. Just the two of them — Dom and Sub. Terry’s body can’t wait to get started but his head and heart aren’t so sure this is a good idea. Is she ready for the Club and all the kink or will he push her too far and lose her forever?

His Love:
Nothing is going to make Terry lose control like he did last night. He has every detail planned to recreate an evening from their past in La Petite Mort Club style, until another night from his past threatens everything.

His Imperfect Day:
Terry isn’t thrilled with how he confessed his feelings to Maggie and this time he’s determined to do better. They’ll spend a perfect day at the beach with the kids and then tonight, he’ll show Maggie how much he loves her with every kiss and touch. Except…Life has other plans. Watch Terry’s perfect day unravel into an epic disaster that only kids can create.