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COVID-19 Shelter In Place Day Fifteen

I decided when I saw this “self isolation/work from home” coming that I didn’t want to squander the extra hours (no commute, home at lunch, etc) like I did after my two surgeries.

I was going to make the best of a bad situation and so far, I’m doing pretty well.

I had three goals. One was to exercise more.

I just ran four miles today. That’s the most I’ve run in a very long time.

I love running (even though my speed is more plodding – lol).

I don’t wear headphones or earbuds. There is nothing to distract me except my mind.

Worries and thoughts tumble through my head with each step.

Solutions are found. Compromises made.

New stories form. Unknown friends emerge.

Current works unfold and unravel.

I find the secrets the characters are hiding. The things they don’t want me to know. The things that give the stories life.

My mind returns to certain scenes. Finished scenes. Scenes I don’t want to think about. Then I see it. The problem. The inconsistency. The plot hole.

Blurbs are reworked, reformed. Better than before. More punchy. More poignant.

I get a lot more done on my morning runs than exercising my body. My mind is allowed to relax and roam free. To help me on my journey. To lead me where I need to go.

Writing is a sedentary life.

Many authors are overweight and out of shape.

Find a way to move your body. A way that requires no thought.

Who knows what stories you’ll find.

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