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Free Webinar – $0 to $1K a Month in Book Sales

Writing your book is only the first step. Now, you need to market.

Nick Stephenson is offering a Free Webinar – How to go from $0 to $1K a Month in Book Sales.

This is just some of the information that you learn if you join his First 10K Readers class. I joined a little over three years ago and my sales have increased by 400% the first year (I wasn’t making much before his class so this wasn’t stop my day job money – lol), 50% increase the second year, 125% year three and I’m on track to make more than 125% increase in sales this year.

Again, this webinar is Free.

This is what he’ll be going over.

  1. The math behind $1k a month & how many books you actually need to sell (hint: it’s fewer than you think)
  2. The three-step formula to build a sustainable author career – traffic, conversions, and scaling up (I’ll take you through it all)
  3. How to drive endless traffic to your books and websites, without needing a huge ads budget (some of these strategies are 100% free)
  4. How to convert traffic into sales & email subscribers – and what to do with your list once you’ve grown it
  5. How to automate your marketing systems, so you can spend more time doing fun stuff
  6. The secret to scaling up profitably – bringing everything together into a solid growth plan for 2020
  7. And… the launch plan behind my successful USA Today Bestseller campaign – bringing everything together.

To be totally transparent, this is an affiliate link but you can go to his website and sign up there if you’d rather. And I truly believe that if I hadn’t taken his class I’d still be making less than $100 per month instead of getting close to “quitting my day job” money.