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Fun with Erogenous Zones

How can they NOT be fun?

I’m sure we all have an idea of what they are – especially the obvious ones – but let’s define it anyway.

According to Jane Greer, Ph.D, an erogenous zone is any place on the body that has a heightened sensitivity and can elicit a sexual response when stimulated.

Okay. Certain areas are no-brainers, but let’s talk about some that aren’t quite as obvious.

We’ll cover women in now and men later because women should always come first (pun intended).

  • The inner thigh is a very sensitive area that definitely deserves some exploring. Greer suggests on a hot summer day having your partner “trace an ice cube up and down your thighs.” I suggest that he use his mouth to move that cube.
  • The nape and back of her neck is a huge turn on for some and according to a Canadian study (I’ll talk about that in the email after the men’s erogenous zones) this area loves a light touch or caress. If you’re a neck person, this isn’t a surprise.

An area that is seldom overlooked, but shouldn’t be is the pubic mound. It’s filled with nerve endings (those nerves below need to start and end somewhere). Begin with a light massage and then move on to using your mouth. You can also roll your palm over the flesh and use your fingernails to lightly rub or scratch.

I’ll admit the next one surprised me, until I remembered this scene from Dirty Dancing.
  • Yep, that’s right. Armpits. Besides, re-enacting this scene, Cory Beth Honickman, a relationship expert, suggests that you use the tips of your fingers to lightly brush your partner’s under arm. “First, go lightly up and down before shifting to a brisk, circular motion.” Pay close attention to your partner’s responses. If he/she is moaning and getting flushed, you found the move and the spot. “The sensation of being tickled teeters on the brink of sexually thrilling,” says Honickman. I say, having him tied to the bed naked, while you do this (also naked) would be dynamite.
However, if he’s looking at his pits like this, then skip that erogenous zone. Actually, take the activities to the shower or tub. 
  • Next on the list is the ear. Nibbling, sucking and hot whispers are all great in this area and may even help your partner climax or intensify their orgasm. Don’t just dive in though. Start slow with gentle kisses on the earlobe. Put it in your mouth and massage with lips. If they like that, then start the nibbling and sucking and let’s not forget the nip or bite. Ah, ears they are for more than hearing. 
  • Another often overlooked area is the stomach, particularly the area between the belly button and pelvis. Why is this a great area, you ask? Guess what’s right under it but on the inside – the G-spot. Not only can playing in this area send blood flow to the other “more popular” erogenous zones, but the anticipation of when that hand will dip down below can heighten all senses. You can also use this area for some hot/cold play—wax, ice cubes, get creative.
  • Her hands. Hands were made to touch and they have all those lovely nerves to help us determine what we’re feeling. Put that to use and play with her hands—kiss them, let the tongue dart out for a taste, and don’t forget sucking those fingers. It definitely calls to mind other similar activities.
  • And let’s not forget the bottoms of her feet. Who doesn’t like a foot rub and be honest…there’s no mystery to why they often lead to sex. This is another area that is highly packed with nerve endings. Shallon Lester suggests that you “try lying alongside your partner while you make out. Have them pull their knees up. Massage the arch of their feet as you kiss them deeply, and lace your fingers through their toes (as if you were holding hands with their foot). Then, squeeze your interlocked fingers around their toes with firm pressure.” Want another way to play with the feet? “if you’re in reverse cowgirl, lean forward and dig your nails medium-hard into the balls of his/her feet or grip that big toe,”
And lastly, let’s not forget the always luscious lips.
  • Soft kisses. Hard kisses. Hot, steamy, can’t wait to devour you kisses. They’re all good. And this area of our bodies has 100 times the nerve endings as our fingertips.

I hope  I’ve even given you some suggestions on new things to try and new games to play. To me, the biggest erogenous zone is the brain. Stimulate that and the rest just falls into place.

The men of La Petite Mort Club are experts with women’s erogenous zones, but they’re not experts at relationships or dealing with women who don’t fall at their feet which makes their stories so much fun to read.  The stories of La Petite Mort Club are as fun to read as they are hot.


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