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Hot Guys VS Odd Attractions

Guys that are hot vs guys you find attractive but you don't know why

We’re all different and that mean we all find different things hot.




But I think we can agree that there are certain aspects to a man that as a culture, we all find panty-meltingly beautiful. Which makes those guys HOT!


This article isn’t about them.

(Then why did I put in a lot of pictures of them? Because they’re HOT (duh) and I like looking at them. LOL)

This post is about those guys who make your heart stutter and your insides clench but you can’t explain why. They aren’t conventionally hot and you don’t know them except through pictures or the screen (big or little).

I could understand if you got to know them and their personality made your blood sing the mating dance, but I’m talking about models or actors who you’ve never met but there is still something about them that…feeds your fantasies.

Well, I’ll go first. Don’t laugh (okay, laugh if you want but I bet you have some non-gorgeous hotties in your closet too).

One of my first crushes was Dr. Who. Tom Baker’s Dr. Who to be exact (yes, I’m a geek. Is it any wonder I also write scifi/fantasy?)

No, this guy isn’t attractive in any sense of the word – not even his personality (I mean the character. I’ve never met the man.) He was arrogant, condescending and a smart-ass, but he was also loyal, smart and funny. I loved this guy. Of course, I was in third grade so there was no panty-melting for me at this time in my life.

My second crush was Hutch from Starsky and Hutch.

Again, I was very young at the time, but we were starting to talk about boys and giggle. I remember exactly why I liked Hutch over Starsky. I felt bad for him. (I don’t even really care for guys with blonde hair. Dark hair is my type.)  Everyone liked Starsky, so I liked Hutch. 

Can you guess that this kindness didn’t go well for me as a dating teen? I ended up with some real winners who no one but me liked for a reason – they were jerks. LOL.

As a kid, I also liked Spock. He was smart and logical. I was still too young to realize that you don’t want a guy who is this unemotional and cold–not if you want great, hot, kinky sex. And who doesn’t, right?

My first crush as a teen was Rambo. Oh, I went on a Sylvester Stallone kick, watching all his movies and making up stories in my head about him and me. They usually ended up with us wresting and him pinning me down. That was as far as my pre-sexual Catholic school girl mind could go, but boy, it did rev my engines.

This started my more mainstream crushes. Rambo was the unfairly treated bad boy. (looking back, this attraction and the kind heart explains so much about my choices as a teen).

Then I went back to my origins a bit. I went for the smart guy who wasn’t mainstream attractive. Fox Mulder.

He was smart, quirky and had a rather large nose. I have no idea why I go for that but I do. The nose can’t be huge – no Jimmy Durante for me.

My latest kick is the TV series, SEAL Team. It’s not any of the guys in particular, although David Boreanzz has been hot since Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And he has aged very, very well.

But for me, it’s the closing shot on the opening credits. This was the best image I could find. If you don’t watch the show, watch just the opening montage and let me know if this shot makes your panties disappear like it does mine.

You can’t even see the guys but I find this soooo sexy–the danger, the dark, the weapons, the dedication and training that goes into being one of these guys. In real life, I don’t think I’d get along with a Navy SEAL. Too much worry and they’d probably be a bit too Alpha for me, but in my head…Oh baby!

All-in-all, I’m not disappointed in my “type”. I tend to go for intelligent men with a good sense of humor. If they have a big nose, that’s just a bonus and a big….Well, that’s a blessing. LOL.

So, I’ve spilled my secrets. I’d love to hear yours. Who do you find attractive that….well, really isn’t? Don’t be afraid. It can’t be worse than Tom Baker, can it?





  1. Carol Harris says:

    How scary! I was totally with you on the unconventional looking guys until Rambo and I confess to being a Starsky groupie. Spock was my first non – Terran crush, followed by Lieutenant Warf and Commander Data. I blame over t decades of reading fantasy and sci if. LOL

    1. Linda Odea says:

      Starsky? Poor Hutch. No one loved him but me. LOL. Going for the smart guys is…well, smart. I love scifi and fantasy too. I actually write that under a different pen name.

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