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I only Meow for you

COVID-19 Shelter In Place Day Twenty-two

I’ve been out of blog-writing commission for a few days but I’m back….

Kind of.

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I had a huge response to this email so I thought I’d share it with everyone. Hope you enjoy.

Let’s talk about cats.


No reason except I read an interesting article about these weird creatures that share our homes and I think you’ll enjoy it.

And you have to admit, cats are weird.

Like babies, they can have hours of fun with an empty box.

Whenever I go to Costco, I grab a few boxes for them. They like it and they’re cheap toys.

But, let’s talk about how cats communicate with us.

Did you know that cats only meow for humans. They don’t meow to each other. It’s a special language they use for us.

I have to wonder if it’s something like the way adults talk to babies.

Did the cats all get together and discuss how to dumb down their communication so we’d understand?

CAT-E: “They just don’t understand that when I stare at them and blink slowly, everything is fine. They keep asking me what I want.  I don’t want anything. I’m telling them that I’m good.”

CAT-Z: “I know, I know but give them a break. They can’t smell worth a darn, they can’t hear anything less than a shout and their eyesight is terrible. Don’t get me started on their speed, jumping ability, agility, etc. The list of what they can’t do is longer than what they can.”

CAT-E: “Well, what are we going to do about it? We have to live with them. Okay, we don’t have to but they do have food and comfortable beds.”

CAT-Z: “Have you seen how they talk to their little ones?”

CAT-E: “Yes, makes me want to cough up a hairball on their pillows.”

CAT-Z: “I agree but what if we make noises like that?”

CAT-E: “Like baby talk?”

CAT-Z: “Exactly. Meow.”

CAT-E: “Ha, ha. That was so funny. Make that sound again.”

And so, they learned to meow to communicate with us.

They also communicate in other ways. For example, a nip is a sign of affection as well as them following you around and staring at you.

Still kind of creepy when you’re in the bathroom but now that I understand the slow blink stare, I guess it’s okay.

Oh, and let’s not forget the headbutt.

The article says cats do that to mark you as their territory, but I think they do it because they’re jerks.

Well, they can be jerks but that’s probably because they’re so smart. They have 300 million neurons in their brains (compare that to 160 in a dog’s brain). Their brains are considered quite similar to human brains.

Check out the link below to read more fun facts about cats.


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