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Labor Day Hotness 2019

Enjoy the view on this sexy holiday. I believe we can make them all sexy if we try.

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the states and I wanted to celebrate by honoring some hot guys working their hardest to get ahead in life, protect our county and hose off after a hard day of doing whatever they did.

I’ll start you off with my favorite. I’m telling you that I’d spend a fortune going through this car wash. If I couldn’t have my car washed over and over, I’d get all my neighbors’ cars washed.

This marine is amazing. I just wish he’d exercise without his shirt. (sigh, he could make me so happy).

This video is from Britain’s Got More Talent. I don’t know about that but these guys are certainly talented and gorgeous.

And these guys are working so hard at trying to get naked. A worthwhile pursuit if I ever heard of one. I’ve played a ton of drinking games and strip poker but never Rock, Paper, Scissors strip. I’ll have to add it to my repertoire.

And finally, this guy is really working hard at meeting women in a unique way.

Happy Labor Day to everyone in the States. Enjoy the long weekend and happy regular weekend to everyone else.


  1. Sonia says:

    I like your new website. Have a good weekend and thank you for your thoughts on our Labor Day

    1. Linda Odea says:

      Thanks! I think it looks pretty good too. 🙂

  2. E says:

    The beer commercial was my favorite. Thanks for the shares.

  3. Emily Zisman says:

    Love your new website, it’s beautiful. Gorgeous graphics. Will be visiting regularly! 🙂

    1. Linda Odea says:

      Thanks! I’ve got to get on the ball with blog posts so there’s something new. I’ll also be updating the What’s Next section as I write. All this to come after Dorian get the heck away from here. 🙂

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