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Preview – His Love

A short look at His Love - La Petite Mort Club Intimate Encounters (Terry and Maggie)


CHAPTER 1: Terry

 Terry sat on the couch in the living room of their private suite at La Petite Mort Club while Maggie finished her bath. Last night, their first night here as a couple, he’d lost control of the scene. He shouldn’t have. He knew better but his feelings for Maggie were so raw that he’d lost his head. Lucky for him, she was fine with everything they’d done.

His dick twitched in his pants at the memory. She’d been so hot, hanging from the ceiling, wet and waiting for him, eager for him. He ran his hand through his still damp hair. He’d just fucked her in the tub and he wanted her again. She drove him wild and he loved it. That word plowed from his head to his heart, sending ice through his veins and making his dick duck and run for cover. He’d fallen in love with her. Him. The man who’d sworn to never, ever let that happen again, had succumbed. He stood and walked to the bar. It was only late morning but this called for a shot.

He poured two fingers of Glenlivet in a glass and tossed it back, sighing as the burn chased away some of the ice in his blood. This wouldn’t be like the last time. Unlike his ex, Maggie definitely liked men. She enjoyed sex as much as he did. Plus, she loved him. She’d been telling him so for months now.

He stared at his empty glass, his heart twisting. It must kill her when he didn’t say it back. He was a fucking coward. He had to tell her. He would tell her but it had to be perfect—the perfect time and the perfect place. He’d only realized that he loved her yesterday, right before she’d told him about his surprise weekend at the Club. If he told her now, she might think he was only saying it because she’d come to the Club with him.

Her self-esteem was shaky due to her fuckhead of an ex-husband. He needed her to know that he loved her no matter what. That this was forever for him. It’d better be forever for her too. He poured another shot and gulped it down. He couldn’t lose her. He hit his forehead against the cabinet several times. Fuck, how had he let this happen? He didn’t want to love her, to be vulnerable like that but he couldn’t go back to not having her or her kids in his life. He had to tell her how he felt but not now and definitely not here. He took a deep breath, stuffing the panic back down into his gut.

He’d tell her later this week. After they picked up the kids from Nick and Sarah’s house on Sunday, they’d spend the rest of their vacation in paradise. He’d plan the entire day—beach, picnic, games with the kids and a movie. Later, after the children were in bed, he’d tell her how he felt and then show her by making love to her, letting her feel his heart with every touch.

A knock sounded and he glanced at his watch. Damn. The masseuse was already here. He strolled to the door and opened it.

“Hi, I’m Kevin and I’m here for the couples massage.” The guy was in his late twenties or early thirties and good looking with sandy blonde hair, brown eyes and an easy smile.

“I’m Terry.” He shook the guy’s hand and then stepped aside. “You can set up in the living room.”

Kevin nodded, carrying the masseuse table and bag over by the couch.

“I’ll go get Maggie.” He strode to the bathroom, his dick already starting to wake. Today and tonight, he’d push her limits with kink, but nothing would make him lose control again—no matter how hot she was or how sexy. He was keeping his cool.

CHAPTER 2:  Maggie

Maggie let the heat from the bath water soak into her muscles, washing away the soreness. Yesterday had been wild—wonderful but wild. Her butt still stung and she was tender from the lash on her thighs and Terry’s dick between them. Sometimes he liked it rough and so did she. She loved the way he filled her, his cock big and hard stretching her and bringing her an almost unbearable pleasure, but she paid the next day.

These hot baths helped, thank God, because there was no reprieve from his sexual appetites. If the man wanted food as much as sex, he’d weigh a thousand pounds. She grinned as she ran the loofa up her arm and over her breast. The scrape across her nipple ignited the embers in her blood that Terry had assuaged earlier when he’d joined her in the tub. He was insatiable and she’d never felt so wanted as when she was with him. He showed it every day by helping with the kids, giving her silly little presents and his desire. He made it clear that he cared for her. She frowned, dragging the loofa up her other arm. She hated that word. Care. It wasn’t enough but it might be all she got.

“If you’re not doing it right, I’ll be happy to help.” Terry’s deep voice made her drop the loofa.

Instinctively she covered her breasts but that only lasted a second. Her hands fell away, searching the water for the sponge. He liked to look at her and she liked how his gaze darkened, feeling almost like a caress on her skin. “When did you come in?”

“A moment ago. Long enough to see you frowning.” He grabbed a towel and walked to the tub, his dark eyes roaming over her naked body. “Is your head hurting again? Do you need me to get you some more Tylenol?”

“No. Everything’s fine.” Emotion clogged her throat. He was so caring but did he love her?

He raised his brow. “You frown when you’re happy now?” He opened the towel and held it out for her.

The man was as tenacious as he was stubborn. She should’ve gone with the headache excuse. Since she hadn’t, she needed to change the topic before he forced her to lie to him. She was not ruining their weekend because she was being emotional and foolish. “You’ve been quiet today.”

He’d been almost stoic. Several times she’d caught him staring at her only to look away when she glanced in his direction. It wasn’t like him to be evasive and he certainly wasn’t shy.

“Have I?” His eyes were locked on her breasts as he offered her his hand.

“Yes.” She took it as she stepped out of the tub.

“Perhaps, it only seems like that since there are no children around filling every second with chatter.” He wrapped the towel around her and began rubbing her dry, the soft cloth rough on her sensitive skin.

“Maybe.” She wasn’t buying it. They had every other weekend alone when the kids went to their father’s house. She didn’t want to but she had to ask…again. “You sure you’re not—”

He grabbed the heart shape ring affixed to her collar and tugged her to him. “For the last time, I am not upset about last night. I was in charge. Your actions were my decision. My responsibility.”

“Are you sure?” She rested her hand on his chest, her body pressing against his. “You seem upset today.”

He pulled her up by the collar until she was on tiptoe. “I’m sure. I just have a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?” She searched his eyes. He was hiding something.

“Like, last night was fucking hot and I’m going to make sure that today and tonight are even hotter.”

She almost melted right there on the floor. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for another scene like last night and yet her body ached for it.

“Now, go into the living room before we miss our couples massage.”

“Oh, they’re here already?”

“Yep.” He pulled her against him. His dick, hard and ready, pressed into her belly. “And if you don’t move, I’m going to fuck you in the bathroom again, but this time, I’m bending you over the tub.” He stepped away from her.

“That sounds lovely.” She let the towel drop and moved closer to him. She didn’t need a massage. She needed him.

“Later.” He almost growled. “Right now, the massage.”

“Fine.” She frowned before she bent, wiggling her hips as she grabbed the towel.

“Rabbit, you’re asking for it.” He swatted her ass.

“And I’d love for you to give it to me, Sir.” She straightened.

“Go.” He gave her a gentle push toward the door. “I have everything planned. No matter how tempting you are, I’m not going to deviate from our schedule.”

“Okay. Okay, but a rabbit can try.” She grinned as she strolled out of the room, letting her hips sway seductively.

A guy in all black with blonde hair and a sexy smile stood near a table. “Hi, I’m Kevin. I’ll be your masseuse today.”

“Ah…where’s the other masseuse?”

“It’s just me,” said Kevin.

Terry walked up behind her, the heat from his body sinking into her skin.

“Come on. Hop on up.” Kevin patted the table.

It was covered in a white fitted sheet. Where was the other sheet? The one that went over the person being massaged.

“Are you going to massage both of us?” She glanced at Terry and the heat in his dark eyes caused wetness to pool between her legs. She knew that look. Her body knew that look; it meant pleasure. Her blood slowed in her veins, flowing thick and sweet like honey. “I thought this was a couples massage.”

“It is. La Petite Mort Club style.” His grin widened. “Now, get on the table like a good Sub.”