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Terry’s rich, crass and 100% Dom.

He likes his women experienced in the ways of Dominance and Submission. They need to know the game because he’s not interested in anything long term. He’s been there, done that and has no plans on marrying or falling in love again.

He barely survived the last time.

But what’s he supposed to do when he meets a natural submissive?
At the office he follows his head but at the Club his d*ck is King
and it wants Maggie.

She’s a poor, divorced mother of three, struggling to make ends meet.

She barely has time to think, let alone have a fling with a bossy, arrogant ass like Terry,
especially since he’s a Dominant. She’s never experienced BDSM or even kinky sex.
She’s way out of her league and she’s already reeling from the betrayal of her divorce.

But she’s not just a mother nor an unwanted ex-wife.

She’s still a woman with desires.

Can she trust Terry to guide her both in and out of the bedroom?
Will their blistering, hot passion be enough or will his big mouth end their relationship before it has a chance to begin?

The story is emotional, funny, heart breaking, and sexy as sin.

Rhonda Hicks

What a fabulous book; every book seems to get better and better. I found myself racing through the pages and at the same time not wanting it to end. I cried and I laughed and I loved it all.


And their story continues in His Lesson.

It’s Terry’s birthday and Maggie wants to take him to the Club. It’ll be their first time there as a couple. Is she ready to submit to him? To follow where he leads?

La Petite Mort Club is fantastic and Terry and Maggie are my favorite couple, so far...
This evolution in their relation is fantastic: how they both open more of them to each other.
As always, the intimate scenes are smoking hot!
I highly recommend this reading.

Sandra C.

After reading this book I had to take a little time to compose myself and get my thoughts clear in my head before I put them in a review.
Wow this book was amazingly written. Once I started I couldn’t put it down till I was finished. This book has twists and turns you don’t know what’s happening. will they all get there happily ever after or will it all go wrong. To find out what happens go buy the book. You won’t be disappointed I wasn’t.

Barbie-ann C.