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Ugly Holiday Sweaters – 2018

Now, with links where you can buy your own ugly, inappropriate holiday sweater

Christmas sweaters…
Love them
Hate them
But naughty?

Oh, yeah. They’re out there.
They run the gamut of themes.
Here are some of my favorites. I’d love to see yours.
If you’re a member of my closed FB group, then please post your ugliest or favorite holiday sweater.

Now, let’s get to these sweaters…

Nothing says Christmas like seeing icons of our childhood memories go at it on someone’s sweater.

Click here to get your own reindeer humping sweater

If that wasn’t bad enough. Santa’s reindeer can be naughtier.

Click here for your reindeer menage.

Can anyone say reindeer menage?

Reindeer haven’t cornered the market on holiday humping.


Who doesn’t want to see polar bears humping all during the holidays?

Of course, we can’t forget everyone’s favorite–penis jokes.

Hung like that, no wonder they’re always going at it.

Frosty got into this contest.

If I ever build another snowman, I’m going to be much more careful about the size of the carrot I use for his nose.

And, it can’t be Christmas without some mistletoe humor.

But, I have to say my new favorite is the boob reindeer sweater.
You cut a hole in your ugly Christmas sweater (or any festive sweater). Put your boob through it and then decorate your flesh like a reindeer.

image pulled from

I mean, why not. Right?

I have a feeling that men around the world will be paying much closer attention to holiday sweaters from here on out.


Happy Holidays and may you get as lucky as the reindeer. LOL

If you want to look at more naughty sweaters the links are below.

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