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What am I working on now?

Who’s pestering me? Wanting their story told?

Keep reading to find out.

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Here’s what I’m working on.

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Ethan’s story.

Good Lord, this man has been difficult. I have written and rewritten the start of his story numerous times. It’s also going to be a very big book. I’m not sure when I’ll have Ethan’s story done, but I am working on it. At this time, I’m not planning on publishing it until I have his and Liv’s HEA done, but this could change. They won’t get their HEA easily or fast. There will be major hurdles for him and Olivia (Liv) to overcome before they find their HEA.
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Patrick and Annie’s story in the La Petite Mort Club Intimate Encounters series should be released shortly after Ethan’s. It’s done in rough draft and partially edited.
I’ve been working on Desiree’s story. I have at least six more novella’s plotted out for her. There will probably be more than that. I do know who her love interest is, but that story won’t be written for quite a while. I may publish her next story once I have Ethan’s done and up for pre-order. Ethan’s story has changed a lot from when I started it. There was a character who I wanted you to meet in Desiree’s story first, but he may get dropped from Ethan’s story. If that happens, then Desiree’s next story won’t get released until AFTER Ethan’s story.
Once Ethan’s story is published, I’ll write Vic’s story as well as Lee’s. Right now, I have both of these stories taking place before Ethan gets his HEA. They won’t be written until after I publish Ethan’s HEA but chronologically they will take place before Ethan and Liv finally get together for good.
Rebecca and Derek are new characters in the La Petite Mort Club family and their story will be part of the La Petite Mort Club series. They have dropped low on my to-write list.
I’ve got some of Lee’s story jotted down and Mac’s story (you meet him in The Billionaire’s Baby series) is starting to whisper in my head.
Plus, there will be more for the La Petite Mort Club Intimate Encounters series. There’s more Nick and Sarah (Intruder Fantasy, Babysitter Fantasy), Patrick and Annie (More than a Voyeur), Terry and Maggie (no titles yet, but Maggie gets to meet Terry’s kids, and Terry and Maggie will get another full book), Adrian and Ellie (they have a big surprise coming their way) and Harker and Alison (a couple of books for them are on the agenda: maybe another baby, what about Harker’s family, and another one that I don’t want to talk about right now).
Plus, Ellie’s sister has her own story coming and it’s not with her fiance. That guy does her wrong – big time!
On top of all that, Vic’s story is going to spurn a spinoff series. A steamy small town romance. There’s definitely a hot cop who needs a lover and a Valentine’s Day kidnapping fiasco that happens in that area.
Plus, Desiree isn’t going to keep working as a Pleasure Associate. Nope. She’s going to start a different business and there will be a series that focuses on older couples. And let’s not forget that Richard is going to get his HEA too. I already know his love interest. You’ve actually met her, but I’m not telling you who — at least not yet.


Ethan has always been attracted to innocence.

When a sexy grade school teacher applies to La Petite Mort Club to sell her virginity, he’s hard pressed to let her go to auction. She’d make a perfect birthday/Christmas gift to himself and he’s been a pretty good boy lately.

It’s time to be naughty.

I’m actively working on Ethan and Liv’s story. Rough draft started several times but not finished. They were not cooperating…but then I set them aside and wrote Harker and Alison’s story. Now, Ethan and Live are chatting with me. I think Ethan is tired of not getting laid. LOL.

Patrick is sure Annie wants to try a threesome. He’s never been into group sex, but he doesn’t want to lose her or keep her from experiencing something new.

Annie can sense that there’s something bothering Patrick but he won’t talk to her. He’s moody and distant, except during sex. She’s pretty sure he’s grown bored with her.

When he suggests a threesome, she agrees to make him happy.

Can either of them go though with the threesome and if they do, will it ruin their relationship?

The rough draft of Patrick and Annie’s story is done.

Rebecca Richards has been Terry’s assistant for years.

She’s glad to see him happy and she adores Maggie, but their happiness highlights her loneliness. All she wants to do is go home and spend the weekend, eating ice cream and watching TV in her sweats, but first she has to check on Terry’s dog.

Maggie asked her to stop by and make sure the guy who is staying at their house for the week and remodeling their bedroom is taking care of Beast.

When Rebecca sees this man, her insides melt like the ice cream in her hands. He’s muscular, sexy and looks like the kind of guy you don’t introduce to your parents. He’s perfect for a one-night stand – or maybe, two.

Derek can see that Rebecca is hot, sexy and interested. The fact that she’s so prim and proper ice wouldn’t melt in her mouth, makes his dick scream to let it see for itself exactly what those lips can do. The only problem is, he likes to share and he’s pretty sure Rebecca isn’t into having two guys. Hell, she’d probably faint at the suggestion, but what if she doesn’t?

Just bits and pieces in my head. Nothing on paper yet for Rebecca and Derek’s story.

Nick and Sarah are at it again.

Ready to act out another fantasy.

They told me about this one while I was writing about their weekend babysitting Maggie’s kids. It didn’t fit for that story, so it gets its own.

It’s an Intruder fantasy and poor Sarah is going to have to do whatever Nick, the burglar, wants. (boy, to be Sarah for one day…just one day!)

Rough draft is only about a quarter of the way done.