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Working Around Cats

COVID-19 Shelter In Place Days Two and Three

I’m combining days two and three because yesterday was pretty uneventful. Besides watching the news a couple of times a day, it was my normal Sunday. Catch up on sleep. Write. Edit. etc.

Today, however, was not normal at all.

It was my first “work from home” day and it was great. Mostly.

The good?

I didn’t have to get up at 4 am. Last night when I looked at the time, I was like,

“Damn, it’s 10 o’clock, I’d better get to sleep.” But then I remembered that I didn’t have to get up until six. That was eight hours away. I haven’t had eight hours of sleep since…well, forever it seems. Definitely, since I started writing.

And working in my sweat pants was fabulous. No makeup. No shoes. It was great.

The downside?


I have seven. (Yes, I’m clinically insane or would be if I were tested.)

One is partially paralyzed, so she wasn’t an issue and one tends to stay in the kitchen by the food, but the other five. What furry little pains in the ass.

If you have cats, you know that they like to sit on anything new. It can be a piece of paper on the table and one of them has to sit on it.

Well, i had to rearrange my office for my work computer. I did this on Saturday, hoping they’d tire of sleeping on the new desk  which isn’t actually new. It was just moved, but that’s new enough for my cats.

First thing this morning, my hope crashed and burned. I had to constantly shoo away cats so I could work. Every time I got up to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom, I’d come back to Cat-Desk.

One of them, Tim, even went creeping around along the window ledge and pulled down my router. Luckily, I saw him and caught it in time. Didn’t even disconnect me from the VPN. (that was my greatest accomplishment of the day)

I shut down at 4 today and the cats scurried to the desk (picture above and this one).

I’m hoping that tomorrow they’ll find a new interesting place. Maybe, I should rearrange my living room.

What challenges are you finding while you work from home?

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