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“I don’t have time for games. Except sex games.” Nick smiled, pure male, pure masculine.
Sarah would do whatever he wanted when he looked at her like that—all hot desire and need.

This book is hot and super sexy but it’s really a love story. A story of growth and trust that starts with crazy attraction and turns into something so much more. All the books in the La Petite Mort Club series are like this — hot, funny and emotional.

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Ellis O. Day’s book have it all.

Hot. Sexy. Erotic. Fun. Emotional. Imaginative.

These books are so much more than fabulous sex. The characters are real people with real problems. Just like the rest of us.

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Ellis O. Day writes the best steamy scenes I’ve ever read. She takes me right into the bedroom with the characters.

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When you read these books, you’re going to want to go find your partner!

Ellis O. Day – Erotica With Heart

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These books are a roller coaster ride of steamy sex, insecurities that we can all relate to and scenes that’ll make you laugh out loud. The books by Ellis O. Day have it all!

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I hate when authors balk at writing the steamy scenes. These books do not do that. The sex scenes are so well written they’ll leave you panting and fanning yourself.

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Hot? Sexy? Steamy?

Yes! Absolutely, yes!

But Ellis O. Day’s books are more than that.

Her books are about real people with real issues and the sex scenes are phenomenal.

Ellis O. Day weaves such fun tales. Taking characters that have their own issues and putting them in situations that are fun, believable and sexy.

This author writes the most sizzling, erotic sex scenes I’ve ever read! It’s like she pulls you right into the pages and trust me, you will not want to leave.