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“I don’t have time for games. Except sex games.” Nick smiled, pure male, pure masculine.
Sarah would do whatever he wanted when he looked at her like that—all hot desire and need.

“Is this book hot? Yes. Is it sexy? Yes. Is it steamy? Yes
but there is also a love story. I feel this same way for all of the books in the La Petite Mort Club series.

– Rosemary M.

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Hot. Sexy. Erotic. Fun. Playful. Touching. Imaginative.

Ellis O. Day’s books are a series of emotional encounters between two people with powerful attraction and personal issues.

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“I’ve got to admit that this author writes the best steamy scenes ever!”

— CS

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Ellis’ characters come to life and make you feel like you are right there.

Makes you want to go find your partner.

– nasonml

Ellis O. Day – Erotica With Heart

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“Reading this makes you want to want to be submerged in a relaxing tub with candles and wine and the door locked. The raw sensual emotions that flow thru the pages makes it almost as if you are there. The ups and downs, the insecurities touch you. Extra baby weight, saggy boobs, cellulite, the endless question of am I pretty enough. Each character compliments and enhances the story.”
— Amy

About The Dom’s Submission Series

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“Ellis O. Day has a way with words and scenes that is off the charts!”– Lilly’s Book World

“I love writers who write erotica, whether romantic erotica or not, and write it well. Ellis O. Day knows how to do that.” – Kat Ryker

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Hot? Sexy? Steamy?

Yes! Absolutely, yes!

But Ellis O. Day’s books are more than that.

Her books are about real people with real issues and the sex scenes are phenomenal.

Ellis O Day always has a way of taking a situation and intertwining it with characters so full of personality and angst, twisting them together, then giving them a sexy, fun filled encounter that will just take your breath away.
– Rhonda Hicks

“Man, oh man! The author has among the most SIZZLING erotic scenes I’ve read. And not just because of the physical detail. Oh NO! Terry’s dominance, power & lust fairly RADIATE off the pages & grabbed me by the throat & drew me into the story like a riptide. And I didn’t want to escape.”
– Book Addicted

About The Dom’s Submission