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Audiobook – His Lesson

It’s Terry’s birthday and Maggie’s got a surprise for him.

One full weekend at La Petite Mort Club.
Together. Just the two of them — Dom and Sub.

She’s a little nervous but she trusts him and she’s promised that he can do WHATEVER he wants. She means it. She does. Really.

Terry’s d**k can’t wait to get started but his head and heart aren’t so sure this is a good idea. Is she really ready for the Club and all the kink? Is she really ready to be his Sub? To obey him completely?

She’s still so unsure of her attractiveness as a woman. No matter what he does to prove to her how f***ing hot he finds her it isn’t enough. On second thought, the Club—filled with rich, experienced men—might be the perfect place to teach her how attractive she truly is.