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Audiobook – The New Hire

Desiree is about to become a whore.

She has no intention of ending up like her mother. She refuses to let her herself be used and tossed aside over and over again by rich, arrogant jerks.

She’s going to use her beauty and brains to make enough money to buy a small place and retire at a very young age. All she has to do is get a job at La Petite Mort Club as a Pleasure Associate.

She’s not a virgin.
She likes sex.
The men will be rich, clean, and STD free.

But they’ll want more than sex.
They’ll want kinky sex.

And other things she can’t even imagine.

Can she let these strange men tie her up?
Spank her?
Be at the mercy of their desires?

This is episode one in a serial fiction series. These stories do not end with an HEA.

This story has 29,380 words.

This series will follow one young woman’s sexual journey of being a highly paid escort. The stories are erotic, super steamy, and kinky. This one is a fun tale of Desiree’s first few nights as a Pleasure Associate where she takes the Club by storm and captures a cowboy’s heart.

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