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There wasn't anything about this one I didn't love . This is an excellent, very well written, sizzling but heartwarming story of 2 people trying to find a way to be together. I loved it & cannot wait for the next part of their journey!!

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Terry is rich, attractive and all Dom.

Maggie’s a curvy, hot mess of a woman who is out of her element at La Petite Mort Club.

She’s a little rabbit in a room full of hyenas and he can’t wait to show her how good it’ll feel when she surrenders to his desire.

Unfortunately for him, that won’t be easy. Maggie is recently divorced with three kids to care for. She doesn’t have time for a man like Terry -no matter how attracted to him she is.

“Ellis O. Day has delivered a powerful scenario between a strong experienced Dom and a vanilla single mother of three. Relatable? Oh yeah. The storyline kept me glued to the pages with a plot that continues to expand in details the further I read.” — Rhonda Hicks

“Alpha male, gorgeous female, snappy dialogue and a cool story line. Definitely going to read Ellis O. Day again.” — Mrs. Cheryl Shearer

“This is quite an interesting book. BDSM, but with a very humorous side. Poor Terry meets Maggie at a sex club and is immediately smitten. He has the hots for her so bad but she is somewhat innocent and didn’t realize the club was a sex club. Terry is in hot pursuit but is having no luck at all. He refuses to give up and his antics and Maggie’s hands off attitude is quite funny. I loved the characters and the story is really refreshing.” — eghvoz

“This book hooked me from the get go I just couldn’t put it down I fell in love with these characters and omg what a story just a perfect read I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough it was so good a fantastic first book I can’t wait to read entire series.” — Jeanne A. Kotsios