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This book hooked me from the get go I just couldn’t put it down I fell in love with these characters and omg what a story just a perfect

Jeanne K.

Watch Terry’s perfect day unravel into an epic disaster of mishaps and misfortune.

Terry’s not thrilled with how he confessed his feeling to Maggie and this time he’s determined to do better.

He has everything planned for their perfect day – a picnic lunch at the beach with the kids, swimming, games and movies. A day filled with family fun.

And when the kids fall asleep, he’ll tell Maggie how much he loves her and then show with every kiss and touch.

It’ll be perfect but…

Life has other plans.

“You have OFFICIALLY ADDICTED me to Terry & Maggie. I mean, SERIOUSLY ADDCITED!

Once AGAIN, you’ve created an absolutely HEARTWARMING erotically HOT story that I completely ADORED.

And GAH!!! I was completely tearing up at the end where Maggie told Terry — removed due to spoilers — 

Just PERFECT!!!!

And, of course, the sex was positively SIZZLING.

(Note: I sense Izzy is going to give Terry a serious run for his money the older she gets. I hope he’s as smart & Machiavellian as she is . . . .)” — Katherine E.