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I love this series. Sweet, sensual, hot and erotic.


Terry has found the perfect sub in Maggie, except she still thinks this was a one night fling.

That isn’t going to work for him. He is nowhere near done with her yet. She’s warm, willing and eager to please.
Now, all he has to do is convince her that having him around is a good thing, both in and out of her bedroom.

Maggie has never, ever had a night like she did with Terry. She’d love to keep seeing him, but she has too much to do. She has kids to care for, a job, and a house to pack because she has to move. Unfortunately, there’s no time for a hot, sexy, man in her life.

Now, she just has to convince him of that.

“GAH! I spent the whole of this portion of their story anxious & worried about their ‘arrangement’: would they be able to overcome their issues & insecurities & remain together?
And the s*x?
Man, oh man! The author has among the most SIZZLING erotic scenes I’ve read. And not just because of the physical detail. Oh NO! Terry’s dominance, power & lust fairly RADIATE off the pages & grabbed me by the throat & drew me into the story like a riptide. And I didn’t want to escape.
This is an excellently written & plotted story with superb characters the reader cares about & hopes against hope that WILL end up together. I highly recommend this one.” — Book Addicted

“This is such a relatable story. Maybe not to the extremes Ellis O. Day has laid out, but when you have a single mother of three, who is overweight, out of shape, working a dead end job because she gave up college in exchange for marriage and children and now she’s the one struggling trying to make ends meet while the ex gets to take them on fun adventures. That will play havoc on anyone’s self esteem and confidence. You’ve just met Maggie. Enter Terry. I’m sure each of us know someone like him, in varying degrees. You know the kind. Strong, opinionated, sometimes overbearing, always wants to be in charge and take care of things. And sometimes he lets his battleship mouth overtake his canoe brain when things get out of his control. The story is emotional, funny, heart breaking, and sexy as sin. ” — Rhonda Hicks

“Just love poor Terry. He is so hot for Maggie and just knows she is going to make a fantastic submissive. Maggie, though, is a bit too stubborn and everything he says seems to come out wrong. He is so frustrated with the situation but doesn’t know how to fix it. It’s so funny watching this big bad Dom falling all over himself because of a chubby little lady. I love the characters and the story and can’t wait for more. You gotta read this one!!” — eghvoz