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"Whew....This is one hot and sexy read! The series had me hooked and I couldn't put it down."

Amy Callahan

Sarah and Nick have had their first night together and it was HOT! At least, Sarah thought so, but she’s not sure Nick felt that way when she gets a call from Ethan saying Nick wants to cancel the contract.

Nick is furious that Sarah left and he’s done letting her have her way. She’ll either bend to his demands or their agreement is over.

“Well, the second book is just as intense as the first book! I never read this stuff, almost dropped the first one but began to like the lead female character. Then I needed to know what happened to her. She could be anybody. A normal person who ended up doing something unusual. The second book allows us to see her grow, and I was still hoping she could find what she was looking for by the end of the book.”

— Michele M. Wecker

“Wow! This series just keeps getting hotter! I love the chemistry between Sarah and Nick!”

— Sharing My Book Boyfriends

“When the sex is good and you can’t get enough of each other this story showed the art of compromise even though they are both strong willed individuals when in lust compromise is best.”

— Kindle Customer