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This book has everything. It's hilarious and sad. It's full of anger and great joy. It's sweet like candy and flaming hot. Oohooee HOT!!


Harker has everything he wants, except a child.

He’s finally chosen the mother.

Alison is brilliant, kind and hard-working. Her genes will mesh perfectly with his. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s spent the last year fantasizing about taking her to his bed and doing all kinds of deliciously wicked things to her.

Alison can’t believe that her boss wants her to have his kid and that he wants to do it the old-fashioned way. She can’t imagine having sex with him. He’s Harker. Sure he’s kind of sexy in a dark, brooding way and when he barks orders her body naturally responds, but still…sex with Harker?

She can’t do that, or can she? His offer is hard to refuse and she’d only have to be with him until she got pregnant. It shouldn’t take long, right?

“This book has everything. It’s hilarious and sad. It’s full of anger and great joy. It’s sweet like candy and flaming hot. Oohooee HOT!! Although I can hardly wait for Ethan’s story, Harker and Alison are my favorite characters in this series. They make you laugh, they break your heart, they make you swoon. All the feels are here. And the HB Meter!!! You need to read this just so you can create one too. Loved this book. Absolutely loved it.” — LavenderM.

“Finally the end to an intense and haunting story. I love this author’s writing. You never know what you are going to get. Is she going to be funny? Is she going to be serious? Is she going to be kinky? You, the reader, won’t know till you are so invested in the book that you have to see it through. I am still in love with Harker and even more so after this book. You can almost feel each change in his character, from irritable and grumpy to compliant and ingenuous. Even though he has not known love in his life he is able to give it and so he does.” –Rosemary P.

“This series is so full of sass, drama, angst and two very stubborn characters.
They hold fast to what they want and don’t want to yield to the other.
They enter a contract and have dilemmas each step of the way, every day it seemed.

The question is … is this doomed to work or fail?
I had moments i wanted to throw my iPad across the room and then I had to smile again in parts. It was THAT KIND of series. But those are the best.” – Rlane79