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Not the way to have a Merry Christmas.

Especially, when you still love your wife.

Craig doesn’t want a divorce

and no matter what Liz thinks, he never, ever cheated on her.

But he’s been kicked out of his home and served with divorce papers. He has no idea how to save his marriage until Ethan, his client who owns La Petite Mort Club, calls him.

Apparently, Liz wants to join La Petite Mort Club.


Where people go to have KINKY sex.

Craig can’t believe Liz – his wife of 23 years, the mother of his children – would do this. He’s hurt and confused and honestly, a little turned on.

Ethan suggests that Craig meet his wife at the Club but Liz doesn’t want anything to do with him. She’s divorcing him but sometimes miracles happen at Christmas.

Even in a sex club.

This miracle just happens to come in the form of a masquerade ball.

Liz is beyond hurt over Craig’s betrayal. He’s her partner. Her husband. The father of her children. He’s supposed to love her, not spend his time at a sex club.


She’s prepared to show him exactly what he threw away with his cheating ways.

Craig can’t believe what Liz is willing to do to him, with him, at the Club.

Him – a stranger


Him  – her husband.

But he is only a man and he does really, really love his wife.

Can they find a Christmas miracle to save their marriage or will their anger and hurt get in the way of their passion and love?