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Deciding who gets government assistance

COVID-19 Shelter In Place Day Eleven

We all know that staying home during this pandemic is important.

We need to slow down the spread of the virus so the hospitals have the resources to care for those who need them. We don’t want to become like Italy and have to make the tough choices of who lives and who dies.

We all also know that this is going to cause a huge economic issue.

The government is going to be offering help to businesses as well as individuals.

I think that the help the government gives to businesses should be based on how those businesses treated their employees during this pandemic.

Did they pay them even if work from home was not an option?

Did they cut their pay? And if so, how much?

Or did send them home without pay?  Lay them off?

I’m not talking about the small “Mom and Pop” stores that don’t have the funds to continue to pay their employees.

I’m talking about the huge companies. They should tighten their proverbial belt and pay their staff even if the staff can’t work.

Because let’s face it, when the virus is gone the fastest way out of this looming economic disaster is if the “common” person has money to spend. The consumers need to spend and they’ll only do that if they come out of this without being months behind on their rent or mortgage, utility bills, car payments, etc.

So government, tell the big businesses that you’re going to hold them accountable for the care of their employees and tell them in the only language they understand — give or withhold money.

Here’s a link from March 13, 2020 listing what some of the major companies were doing in regards to their employees.

There are some good companies out there. Texas Roadhouse is one. The CEO is foregoing his salary and bonuses until January 2020 in order to pay his employees.

That’s the kind of company that should get some government assistance, if you ask me.

Here are some other CEOs who are giving up their salaries.


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