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As the owner of La Petite Mort Club, Ethan loves women – literally, as many as he can.

The Club is his haven, his home, his salvation.

He enjoys introducing women who are innocent of the spicier side of sex to all that kink can offer.



Dominance and Submission

Threesomes and so much more

But what happens when the pleasures the Club has to offer become stale?

When he sees friend after friend fall in love and he’s left more and more alone?

Unfortunately, he knows that love isn’t in the cards for him.

His ready smile and charm hide a dark past. His own parents hadn’t loved him. Why would anyone else?

But he didn’t expect to find her…

She’d do anything to keep her mother in a good nursing home.

Even sell her virginity to the highest bidder at La Petite Mort Club.