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Excerpt – Six Nights of Sin

A short look at Six Nights of Sin - La Petite Mort Club (Nick and Sarah)

Two evenings later Sarah waited in the interview room.  Ethan had gone to get the next candidate.  She’d interviewed one yesterday.  It hadn’t gone well.  He’d seemed interested, but the way he’d looked at her had sent a shiver down her spine and not in a good way.  So, she’d crossed him from her list and the rude man from the Viewing had dropped out.  That left her with three.  She glanced at the door.  They should’ve been here by now.  She hoped another candidate hadn’t dropped out.

Her lingerie photos had garnered considerable interest, but more than half had declined the next stage of the process because of her demands.  These men were used to either getting their way with women or having women dominate them.  Most weren’t ready for a little of both.  After she’d given Ethan her list of seven, he’d suggested she lower her standards, but she’d refused.  She wanted a man she was attracted to and one who’d agree to her rules.  Most on the original list of twenty-two fell short in either the appearance department or their portfolios had requirements in them that she wouldn’t do.

The door opened and Ethan entered followed by another man.  She’d seen his picture of course, but there was something smooth, sensual and dangerous about him.  He almost glided into the room, confident and pure male.

“Sarah, this is Nicholas.”  Ethan placed a cell phone on the table between them.  They were to call when they were done or if they needed anything.  “I’ll leave you to your discussion.”

As long as he didn’t drool or give her the creeps, this man would do.  He’d do very nicely.  He had dark hair and a slight tint to his skin, like he was of Italian or perhaps Greek descent.  His eyes were so brown they were almost black and framed by a strong brow and thick, dark lashes she’d kill for.  His body was lean and muscular, his arms well defined.  He wore jeans and a polo.  She’d expected a suit like the other man had worn.  Clothes that’d accentuate his wealth and power.  Her eyes skimmed down his legs as he sat.

“Is Sarah your real name,” he asked.

“Yes.  Is Nicholas yours?”  This was the man with the voice; the one that’d sent tingles through her with his words.

“Yeah, but my friends call me Nick.”

“Am I your friend?”  Things were looking up.  Maybe, she’d be successful after all.  He was attractive, smelled nice and his voice made her body hum.

“That’s what we’re here to find out, isn’t it?”  His dark eyes seemed to caress her as they trailed from her face to her breasts.

Her nipples tightened as if it were his fingers, not his eyes touching them.  Luckily, she’d worn the padded, push up bra.  It wouldn’t do to let him know he affected her so easily.

“A drink?”  He stood and walked to the bar.

She shouldn’t.  She needed to keep her mind sharp.  This was where they’d negotiate her demands and his to see if they’d come to an agreement, but she found herself saying, “Yes, thank you.”

“Red or white?”  He pointed to the wine.

“Crown Royal on the rocks.”

His lips quirked upward as his eyes gleamed with surprise.  He turned and poured her a healthy drink.  He filled another glass with Glenlivet scotch straight and came back to the table.

“Thank you.”  She accepted the glass, her fingers brushing against his for a moment and a tingle ran straight to her belly and lower.  As far as attraction went, he’d do very, very nicely.

He sat down across from her, leaning back in his chair.  She took a sip, letting the liquor relax her.  She hadn’t been nervous with the other candidate because there’d been nothing for her to lose.  She hadn’t found him attractive, but this man…this man she wanted.

“Shall we start,” he said.

“Of course.  Sorry.”  She slid two contracts across the table.  “I’ve already marked the options on your list that…won’t work for me.”

A thinning of his sensual lips was the only sign he was unhappy.  She wanted to kiss him, remove his unhappiness.  She took another drink.  Perhaps, he wouldn’t do after all.  She didn’t want to be too attracted to the man or she’d fall for him and she had no intention of doing that.  One broken heart in a lifetime was enough.

“Let’s see what you find so”—his eyes roamed over her again, making her skin tingle—“distasteful that it isn’t even worth a discussion.”

“Don’t get angry.  There aren’t many things that…that I won’t agree to try.”

He flipped through the pages, stopping on his list of desires.  His finger tapped the paper.  “A threesome can be quite enjoyable.”

“No.  Only you and me for eight weeks.”  She didn’t want two men or another woman.  She wanted one man and her fantasies.

“Eight weeks is too long.”  He flipped through her contract, stopping on the page where she’d set the time limit and glancing up at her.  “I’ll grow tired of you before then.”

Her back stiffened.  That was rude, but this part was all about honesty.  “How many weeks then?  I’m flexible.”

“I certainly hope so.”  He grinned.

That smile with the hidden meaning made more wetness pool between her legs.  Too much time with this man would be dangerous.  She didn’t want to forget that this wasn’t real.  It was only a fantasy they’d create together.

“May I see you naked before I agree to a time limit?”

“You heard my rules the other night.  I’ll only undress for the one I choose.”

His eyes hardened a bit.  “And you haven’t chosen me yet.”

“Exactly.”  She still had the polite man and another one to interview.

“Come here.”  He shifted his chair so it was facing away from the table.

“Why?”  She wanted to obey, but she forced herself to remain seated.

“I’d like a better look at what you showed the other night.  A closer look.”

The throbbing between her legs made her shift on her seat.  If she got too close and he touched her, she’d let him do anything.  She wanted him that badly.  She stood.  “No touching.”

He frowned but nodded.

She walked over to him, her hands shaking a little.

“Turn around.”

She did as he commanded.

“Raise your skirt.”

Her hands trembled as she gathered the cloth between her fists, slowly raising it to right below her butt.

“Higher, please.”  His voice was a whisper of desire that twisted in her stomach and settled between her thighs.

“That’s as high as I went the other night.”  She wanted to raise her skirt all the way and sit on his lap, take him inside of her, but this wasn’t the time.  They still had a contract to go over.

“May I touch you.”  He’d leaned forward, his breath a heated caress at the small of her back.  “Just where your skin is bare.”

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