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Nick’s the consummate playboy.



He’s rich, arrogant, attractive and likes to play games.

Sex games.


All kinds.

The kinkier the better.

But he tires of women easily.
His longest arrangement is a month. Four weeks of burying himself inside a woman over and over until he’s done with her.

And then he meets her.

Sarah has no desire for a relationship.

She’s too broken from the past.

But she does want sex.

She misses the feel of a man–his touch, his smell, his taste.

And she wants to act out her fantasies.

Different games she wants to play…with a man.

She joins La Petite Mort Club for a one-time contract.

To find a man who’s attractive and willing to meet for sex one night a week for six weeks of fantasies.

His and hers.

Then it’s over.
But she doesn’t count on meeting Nick.

He’s everything she desires and everything she fears.

Will six weeks be enough for either of them and if it isn’t are they brave enough to reach for more?

Their story continues with Six Weeks of Seduction.


It’s been four months since Nick has been with a woman. One hundred and twenty days since he’s touched Sarah, tasted her, felt her heat wrapped around him, but tonight his abstinence will end. Tonight, she’ll come to La Petite Mort Club and they’ll resume their passionate affair.

Except she doesn’t show up—no phone call, no letter, no nothing. It isn’t possible that she doesn’t want him. She was as hot for him as he was for her.

Can he find her – a woman who he knows nothing about? No last name. No job. No address. Nothing but how she likes to f**k. That he’ll never forget.

Oh, he’ll find her and when he does, she’ll pay.

Nick and Sarah are a hot couple who love to play sexy, erotic games, but this book is more than that. This book has depth and emotion. Real struggles by real people.

We all know that finding the love of your life is just the beginning of your story.

It’s the same for Nick and Sarah.

Nick wants kids.

Sarah’s not ready. Hell, they aren’t even married yet.

She jumps at the chance to babysit Maggie’s kids for the weekend. This is just the lesson that Nick needs to realize that kids aren’t all playing video games and swimming in the pool.

Nick knows that kids are work but he also knows that Sarah’s scared. Scared to risk getting pregnant again. Scared to lose another baby. He wants to show her that he’s not Adam. That he’ll be there for her and their kids, no matter what.

Who will learn the bigger lesson over the long weekend with Maggie’s three kids?

This continuation of Nick and Sarah's life is a fabulous book! It's funny and sexy and poignant. A great read to help you forget your troubles.

See how Nick and Sarah meet in Interviewing for her Lover.
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And their story continues with Playing House which is available for purchase by clicking the book below.