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Meet Desiree.

She’s about to become a whore.

Growing up, she’s seen what rich, arrogant men do to beautiful women like her.

They use them and discard them when they’re done, leaving them with nothing but sometimes a baby in their bellies.

She’s not going to let that happen to her.

She’s going to use them…for money.

And when she has enough, she’ll retire.

A perfect plan but is it really going to be that easy to have sex for money?

Especially, the kind of sex that goes on at La Petite Mort Club.

Will she be able to let them tie her up?

Spank her?

Surrender to them, completely?

Follow Desiree through her first few nights as a Pleasure Associate in The New Hire.

Then continue her journey at La Petite Mort Club in Becoming A Whore and the rest of the upcoming episodes.

This series is serialized fiction.

The books do NOT end with an HEA.

With each episode, you’ll follow Desiree on her erotic journey as a high class whore.